Why join the list of Haute-Elan.com Franchisees?
As Haute-Elan became first to market in the UK to launch a multi-brand modest fashion concept store, there is now high demand for the rapid growth of HE across international markets. The Muslim Fashion consumer market is the fastest growing global market with estimated value of $484bn (2019), with 1 in 3 people in 2030 expected to be a Muslim and over 50% of these being under 30.

A franchise with Haute-Elan presents you with the opportunity to stock over 200 brands without having to source or develop relationships with all of these brands yourself. We are adding the latest new brands in the modest fashion market daily and you will be party to the latest news, brands and updates on the industry with our franchise partner programme.

We will invite you to our London showroom to see exclusive previews of the latest collections as they are released, providing you with excellent footage and material for your social media and ensuring you have first choice in selecting these collections.

You also get an exclusive access to 70% off key items, that’s 20% off our wholesale prices and we only supply to very limited wholesalers so you will be getting first rights. We negotiate the best terms with brands for you so you don’t have to and we will maintain and nurture these relationships.

As we grow, so you will you. We include a world class marketing programme for our franchisees and we will be executing bespoke marketing campaigns for our top performing franchisees.
Benefits of being the first-to-market franchisee partner?
Modest Fashion is trending and we’re getting great news coverage of our growth. As the first franchisee you should be able to capture great excitement and organic PR.

Haute Elan will support your business with:
- Global marketing & PR efforts
- Keeping you up to date with latest trends and buyin g knowledge, eg. what are the best-selling items in your region & worldwide?
- Providing you with a collection that is complete, extensive and varied
- Visiting 2x during the first year to provide any training/support, thereafter 1x a year
- Support for visual merchandising
What we are looking for in a franchise partner:?

- Strong knowledge of local market & industry
- Proven retail track record (preferably fashion)
- Access to sufficient financial resources
- Operational excellence
- Superior service levels
An upfront fee of £15,000, plus an ongoing royalty fee of 4% of gross sales. likely to be our customers
Minimum investment levels?
No set figure: We are happy to consider all proposals as long as the investment is sufficient to operate the franchised store in compliance with our standards (more details below)
Minimum contract period?
1 year
Product range?
Stock will be offered to you on quarterly buying trips where we invite all franchise partners to attend our London Showroom. Additionally new collections will be added to you on an adhoc basis. You have the option to purchase any or all offered stock but no obligation. Franchisees will be able to purchase stock for 20% lower than wholesale prices.
The franchisee has the freedom to choose any item in our product range in any size/colour, however we require them to purchase an initial minimum number of brands to reflect our brand assortment. As a guideline, a minimum of 7 brands for the smallest store of 50 sqm.; more as the store size increases. The minimum number of pieces to be purchased will also depend on store size.
You will bear the shipping expenses of the stock shipment being sent to you, including all taxes and duties.
Store prices are to be consistent with our online prices and brand policies. The only exception is during promotional periods (to be pre-determined), where the franchisee can set their own discounts - no more than 60% to avoid brand dilution.
We cannot stop online purchases from the franchisee’s home country, however should we receive an order for an item that the franchisee has in stock, we can refer the local purchase to them for a margin of 25%. The convenience and absence of shipping charges and time should mean the franchisee’s store(s) become the destination for Haute Elan shoppers.
Store location?
The franchisee must secure a retail space (min. 50 sqm) in a suitable location - street, mall, hotel or otherwise. If the boutique is on the street, the preference is for it to be ground-level; if it is in a mall, it should be on a floor selling similar or higher-priced brands.
Store design?
We will provide the franchisee with a detailed store design concept, including colour schemes and required branding elements. As long as these guidelines are adhered to, the layout of store interiors is up to the franchisee, but subject to our approval.
Staff recruitment?
Outstanding customer service is essential. The franchisee may hire staff at their discretion, though we would like be stay informed during the final recruitment stage of the store manager(s).The number of staff required in store will be subject to our approval, much dependent on store size.
Local marketing/advertising ?
Haute Elan branded bags, mixed sizing (purchasable at volume costs)
Wrapping tissue
Comprehensive retail design manual
All other branded fixtures and elements
Returns policy ?
We do not operate a sale-or-return policy; returns will only be accepted if the items are faulty (manufacturing flaw). Please notify us within 14 working days upon receipt of shipment if there are any items that need to be returned.